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What's needed for your commercial or industrial space?

Our industrial and commercial structures are economical, effortless, and cranable, offering stellar stability and convenience. These spaces are capable of performing multiple building functions within one structure, saving you money without sacrificing quality.


We always used energy-friendly fabrics that provide natural light and temperature control, which means additional cost savings.

More benefits of our structures

Our temporary structures are strong enough to withstand harsh weather and the weight of wind and snow, meeting the requirements of most building codes. Wheel-mounted structures are also custom-designed for your specific needs.

As a locally owned and operated business, we are committed to helping fellow business owners in Houma and around the country!



Structures at a glance

• Convenient and economical

• Versatile

• Customizable

• Brands include Anchor and Accu-Steel

Experts in the field

When it comes to temporary structures, look no further than Vinyl Products LLC. We've been in the rental business for 25 years and alway offer excellent customer service and the best prices in the area!

See how our structures can benefit you and your industry - call us today!



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